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Wood Floor Cleaning & Protective Gloss Sealing

Wood flooring is quickly replacing carpeting as the new popular choice for floor coverings. 

Hardwood and laminate floors are suitable for medium and high-traffic areas. However, similar to tile flooring, from time to time it will require professional cleaning to remove a build-up of dirt and soil residues that are unable to be removed by routine cleaning.

Wood Floor Cleaning – BridgePoint wood cleaning system restores, cleans, and protects hardwood and laminate flooring.















With proper routine cleaning, our protective floor sealant will provide up to 12 to 18 months of protection under daily traffic.

Tips To Preserve Wood & Laminate Flooring

Vacuum or sweep floors regularly.
Avoid using wax, oil soap, or other industrial household cleaners.

Wax and silicone-based products compromise the integrity of hardwood surfaces and make floor cleaning more difficult.
Remove spills promptly.
Place indoor/outdoor mats at entryways and area rugs in high-traffic areas.
Avoid rubber-backed rugs or rugs with poor ventilation.
Maintain consistent humidity levels inside to prevent floors from swelling, shrinking, cracking, or exposing gaps.
Avoid deep scratches: high heels and pets can damage wood flooring.

Avoid dragging furniture across hardwood floors.
Use professionally recommended cleaning products.
Schedule professional cleanings every 12-18 months based on the volume of traffic and wear.

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