HVAC Camera Inspections | Proper Care | System Sanitization

Using special HVAC inspection cameras, our certified staff can inspect up to 50' into ducts. & air handlers allow you to see the exact state of your AC duct systems. The cameras show and record before and after pictures of air ducts so you can see  Prochem cleaning efficiency.

Our technicians will visually inspect your air ducts to determine if fungus, mildew, dust buildups, debris, or dirt are negatively affecting your indoor air quality and efficiency, and provide you with a real-time video inspection of your ductwork's interior allowing you to make an informed decision.

Indoor Air Sampling?

Indoor Air Sampling determines the type and the level of airborne contamination in a home or building.


Air sampling may be necessary if the presence of mold, allergens, or toxins is suspected, due to adverse effects to occupants but cannot be identified by a visual inspection. 

Related To Indoor Air Quality Assessments, We Can:
  • Perform any needed system repairs

  • Check for system leaks

  • Repair or replace ducts, vents, registers, systems

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We perform indoor air quality testing. These tests are done by our highly trained technicians and completed in Florida.


Furthermore, the tests are done using the latest technology and applied sciences based on current standards, acceptable industry practices, and guidelines.

Since various pollutants are normally found in our homes and offices, we come into contact with them regularly. Some of the problems they cause at elevated levels consist of respiratory issues and allergy flareups.


Our indoor air tests can alert you to the level of contaminants or unhealthy particles that may be floating around in the air at your home or office.

After completing an indoor air quality assessment, we can offer you recommendations for remediation. 

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Removal Of Damaged Ducts

  • Damaged, leaky, ducts create condensation and are the most common cause of mold growth in HVAC systems

  • Debris blowing out of supply registers or grilles is a bad sign

  • Construction debris often found in ducts after renovations

  • Water infiltration is another common cause of mold infestations

  • Insect or rodent feces is a major source of odor in HVAC systems

We Build And Install New Duct Systems

Environmental Testing Services
We are affiliated with one of the leading providers of environmental laboratory testing services in the world offering laboratory testing services for mold, radon, lead, asbestos, and drinking water pollutants

Allergen Testing

Singles (Each): Dog, Cat, Cockroach 1 & 2, Dust mite 1 & 2, Mouse, Rat, Fungal Alt, Fungal Asp. Combo includes the following: Dog, Cat, Cockroach 1, Dust mite 1 & 2. Turn around time for this service varies from 1 Day , 3 Days or 5 Days (Standard).  Sample Description: ~ 5 Allergen combo or single Allergen

Mold Testing

Lab Analysis turnaround times is a standard of 24 hours or less. 

Lead Testing Services

Professional Lead Test for Paint, Dust & Soil Turn around time for this service is 72 hours.


Sample Description: ~ Paint ~ Dust ~ Soil

Asbestos Services

Professional Asbestos Lab Analysis turn around times is a standard of 24 hours for Asbestos 

Sample Description: ~ Asbestos *24hrs ~ Asbestos *72hrs

Radon Testing

Professional 48-hour Liquid Scintillation (LS) Radon Gas Detectors (patented) NEHA proficiency results within 48 hours of Labs receipt and is approved for use in all real estate transactions.

Sample Description: ~ Radon Gas Detector (LS) ~ Radon in Water

Water Testing

Sample Description: ~ Alkalinity ~ Bacteria (Total Coliform & E Coli) ~ Clarity ~ Chlorine ~ Color ~ Copper ~ Hardness ~ Iron ~ Lead ~ Nitrate ~ Nitrite ~ Total Nitrate/Nitrite ~ PH (Acidity) ~ Pesticides