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Prochem Restorative Cleaning Services


Professional Fabric & Stone Care Systems (sm)

Prochem Bahamas began providing world-class restorative carpet, upholstery, stone, & tile cleaning services to the Bahamas in 1999.


Prochem Bahamas are recognized internationally as certified cleaning professionals.

The Right Way to Clean


Professional Soil Removal Systems!

If you have ever tried having your carpet or hard surfaces professionally cleaned, you know that it can often be a disappointing experience. With Prochem Bahamas, that just isn’t the case. Our internationally recognized cleaning systems are the best in the cleaning and restoration industry!

it has never been easier to have your living surfaces properly cleaned. Prochhem cleaning tools and processes are truly the best in the industry, producing incredibly clean rugs, carpets, tile, hardwood flooring, upholstery, fabric, and stone.

Even better, it is beyond green cleaning, as no soaps or toxic chemicals are ever used. This means no harsh smells, and you can walk on your carpet or hard surfaces shortly after cleaning without worry.

Prochem's leading-edge enzyme pretreatment solutions contain no soaps or toxic chemicals and the hot water extraction process leaves no residual residue, unlike traditional shampoo cleaning systems.


Children and pets are safe because there are no "chemicals" left in carpeting or fabrics. Another benefit of our system is surfaces will not re-soil faster after we clean them due to no residual sticky chemical soil attracting residues. Simply vacuum frequently for longer-lasting cleaner surfaces.


Keep your living surfaces cleaner, longer, with Prochem® restorative cleaning systems.

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