Marble & Stone, Tiles, Bathrooms, Kitchens And Counter Tops

Restoration, Polishing & Sealing

Marble and stone require special care and attention to maintain it's intended aesthetics.


When marble or stone has been neglected for extended periods, it takes proper knowledge and experience to determine the various diamond cutting stages and process required to restore the stone to the original luster. 


With over 20 years of experience restoring all sorts of stones, our knowledge, experience, and expertise, in marble and stone restoration, polishing, and care are highly respected.


Prochem Bahamas stone care restoration services are recognized as an industry leader in restorative stone care.


Personal attention to detail, and ability to resolve difficult issues has made us the "go-to" company for resolving tough situations such as efflorescence, removals of stains, scratches, etching, polishing, sealing, and total restoration.


Regardless if your stone, tiles, or countertops have been totally neglected for decades, PROCHEM BAHAMAS restoration systems will restore your stone to showroom quality!


Our portfolio of high-end clientele confidently recommends PROCHEM BAHAMAS for stone restoration and care.

Contact us today for a free site visit and consultation for marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, terrazzo, or shell stone.


We have the solutions for your stone problems!

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