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What Is Restorative Carpet Cleaning ?

If you have neglected cleaning your carpets for some time, obviously, soil, stains, and contaminants have accumulated that must now be removed.

Imagine the condition of your hard floor surfaces if they were ignored and not regularly, swept, and cleaned. Now, you can also imagine the level of soiling that accumulates in your carpeting on a Monthly basis!


Carpet Steam Extraction cleaning annually at a minimum is recommended by carpet producers to maintain health, warranty, and safe indoor air quality.


If your carpeting has not been steam extraction or encapsulation cleaned, contaminants, bacteria, and dirt will have accumulated to unsafe levels contributing to poor indoor air quality.


Deep restorative steam extraction or encapsulation cleaning will be needed to remove these contaminants and improve indoor air quality.


PROCHEM® truck-mounted steam extraction system and powerhead extractor remove heavy, embedded soil and bacteria from carpeting. 

This powerful cleaning system also resolves the industry's top concerns...... Reappearing soiled traffic lanes and stains after cleaning.


Our system does not use soaps, detergents, or shampoos. Instead, PROCHEM SYSTEMS uses non-toxic water-based soil digesting enzymes that leave zero residues.  This means your carpets and fabrics will stay cleaner for longer!


Prochem Bahamas provides residential and commercial specialized cleaning and drying systems that can dry your carpeting in as little as........1 hour!

Our trained technicians are professional, clean, and respect your home and business.


PROCHEM BAHAMAS offer patented, restorative cleaning and drying systems. These unique systems produce superior results, making them a safe choice for heavily soiled fabrics, and carpets.


Correct methods and chemistry for particular types of carpet and soil conditions are important to safely restore carpeting.

Prochem Bahamas offers unique residential and commercial  carpet cleaning & drying systems that can dry carpeting in as little as........1 hour!

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