What Is restorative carpet cleaning ?

If you have neglected cleaning your carpets for some time, obviously, visibly built-up soil, stains, and contaminates have accumulated that must now be removed.

Imagine the condition of your hard floor surfaces if they were ignored and not regularly, properly swept, and cleaned.


Now, you can also imagine the level of soiling that have accumulated in your carpeting on a Monthly basis!


Carpet Steam Extraction cleaning annually at a minimum is recommended by carpet producers to maintain the health, warranty, and safe indoor air quality.


If your carpeting has not been steam extraction cleaned, contaminants, bacteria, and dirt will have accumulated to unsafe levels creating unacceptable indoor air quality.


Deep restorative steam extraction cleaning will be required to remove these contaminants and restore your indoor air quality.


 A healthy home starts with clean carpets. NOTHING ANYWHERE restores carpeting more thoroughly than a truck-mounted carpet steam extraction system coupled with the revolutionary Hydromaster Power-Head CMX-20......NOTHING!!!


Our professional technicians combine the use of a PROCHEM® truck-mounted steam extraction system with a Hydromaster powerhead extractor to remove deeply embedded soil and bacteria from carpeting like no other system can!


This powerful combination cleaning system resolves the industry's top concerns...... Reappearing soiled traffic lanes and stains after cleaning.


Our system does not use soaps, detergents, or shampoos. Instead, PROCHEM SYSTEMS uses non-toxic water-based soil digesting enzymes that leave zero residues.  Which means your carpets will stay cleaner longer!

Wet carpets after cleaning — Our cleaning systems cleans without flooding your carpets with detergents and excess moister, which means shorter drying times.


Prochem Bahamas is the only company offering residential and commercial specialized drying technology which can dry your carpeting in as little as........1 hour!

Our trained technicians are professional, clean, and respect your home and business.


PROCHEM BAHAMAS is pleased to offer its state-of-the-art, revolutionary, patented restorative cleaning and drying systems. These unique cleaning and drying systems produce superior results, making it an excellent choice for heavily soiled carpets and last-minute cleaning when cleaning and drying times are crucial prior to an event!

Traditional carpet cleaners use shampoo machines, water mixed with soaps, shampoos,’ detergents, and other toxic chemicals that are "showered" down into the carpeting. This method often soaks carpets, pads' and backing. Soap, dirt, and water are not removed and this mixture remains embedded in your carpet due to a lack of extraction and drying systems. As the carpet dries, residual detergent attaches to the carpet fibers and literally acts as a magnet for soils resulting in rapid re-soiling of your carpeting.

Alternatively, PROCHEM BAHAMAS cleaning systems do not use soaps, harsh detergents, or shampoos. Instead, we use a revolutionary, non-toxic water-based enzyme cleaning agent as its cleaning solution, which cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky chemical residue behind.

Soil digesting enzymes are applied to your carpet fibers by a patented high-pressure, controlled spray system that loosens and breaks down embedded dirt, soils, and oils, followed by a powerful extraction rinse which removes predigested soil and contaminates through our patented CMX-20 power-head system connected to a powerful truck-mounted steam extraction system.


Carpeting is designed to acts as a filter, trapping airborne particles, allergens, and a multitude of contaminants, preventing them from recirculating through the air. Like other types of filters, it will eventually reach a saturation point.


For individuals suffering from allergies, asthma, or other upper respiratory challenges, this is of particular concern; a carpet that can no longer filter allergens will reintroduce them with each footstep in the form of a microscopic airborne bacterium, greatly reducing indoor air quality.


Carpeting not routinely cleaned according to manufacturer's recommendations using the hot water steam extraction method will require a deep, restorative, steam extraction cleaning process, to remove heavy soiling, bacteria and dust mite colonization conditions from carpeting, returning them to a healthy condition and your home to an environmentally healthy state.


Correct cleaning methods and chemistry for your particular type of carpet and soil conditions are also important to safely restore carpeting.


The microbial activity should always be a consideration.


After your carpeting has been restored to a healthy state, you should set up a routine cleaning schedule as per manufacturers guidelines to maintain a healthy indoor environment. This may include periodic light encapsulation surface cleanings and deep heavy soil removal at certain intervals depending on what your carpeting is exposed to.




Prochem Bahamas is the only company  offering residential and commercial specialized  carpet drying technology which can dry your carpeting after cleaning in as little as........15 minutes!

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