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Upholstery - Fabric - Rug - & - Carpet Cleaning Disclaimers

These disclaimers apply to all carpet, rug, drapery, fabric cleaning, stain removal, and urine odor treatment services provided by Prochem Bahamas. 

Stain Removal Waiver and Disclaimer

I have requested Prochem Bahamas to examine a carpet, furniture, or item of fabric that has been unusually soiled or stained with a foreign substance. I acknowledge that the carpet, furniture, or item of fabric in its stained/soiled condition is of lessened value. A Technician from Prochem Bahamas has explained to me that there are variations in carpet, fabric, and dyestuff composition and that there are instances where stains or marks or soil may not be removed with a stain removal process and where discoloration and/or bleaching of the carpet, furniture or item of fabric may occur if restorative techniques are needed in attempting to remediate soils and stains. I also understand that it is impossible to test for or predetermine the result of a stain removal treatment prior to service.

With full knowledge of the above, I have requested Prochem Bahamas to treat my carpet and/or item(s) of fabric or furniture in an attempt to remove and or remediate stains, marks, or dirt. I understand there are variables beyond the control of Prochem Bahamas technicians and I understand that Prochem Bahamas Cleaning disclaims any liability for damage caused to the carpet and/or item(s) of fabric or furniture as a result of any stain or heavy soil removal treatment or cleaning process. I agree not to hold Prochem Bahamas liable for any damage caused to my carpet and/or item(s) of furniture, or fabric as a result of any stain removal treatment or cleaning process.

On Occasion Cleaning Rugs Can Cause


Shrinkage, buckling, cellulosic browning, texture change, splitting/fraying/deterioration/disintegration of worn or aged fibers, delamination/backing separation, texture change, discoloration of the backing, latex odor, appearance of white knots. Pooling/shading may become more highlighted.




Varies depending on the materials, previous cleaning attempts, and vegetable dyes used in manufacturing. We test rugs for dye stability before cleaning and take appropriate precautions to mitigate dye migration. However, on occasion, the dyes in a rug behave in a way that we could not anticipate. Fugitive/ migrating/bleeding dyes could occur during cleaning or most commonly during the drying process.


Rug Fringes


Heavily soiled fringes require a more aggressive cleaning method to restore them to the best possible quality. This could result in the fringe tassels untying or the end of the rug pulling away/unraveling.

Urine Odour Removal Waiver and Disclaimer

I fully understand that my carpeting, rugs, and/or item(s) of fabric or furniture are currently damaged due to pet or human urine deposits. I understand that undesirable results may occur in the form of shrinkage, wicking, browning, yellowing, or discoloration because urine is a complex mixture of ingredients that uniquely affect various fabrics differently. I hereby authorize Prochem Bahamas to perform a urine stain and or odor removal process. I agree to the stated price for the service and I understand that there is no guarantee implied or expressed that all urine stains and or odor will be removed.

Upholstery Waiver and Disclaimer

I fully understand improper underlying backing, lining and other materials and processes used in the manufacture of upholstery items may produce adverse results in the surface material when cleaned. I understand there is no way of determining when such results will occur and that the fabric may have previously experienced deterioration due to such factors as fading, shrinkage, dry-rotting, improper chemicals used from previous cleaners, watermarking, browning, loss of tensile strength, and color bleeding from reupholstered covered furniture. I also understand that occasionally a manufacturer will mark items with a black or other colored marker on the reverse of the fabric or areas of foam cushions. I understand that this should not be done, and it has the potential to "bleed through" when cleaned. I agree not to hold Prochem Bahamas responsible for any of the conditions listed above.


Bug/Rodent Infestation

We will not clean carpet in a home or facility that has an obvious bug or rodent infestation: bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, lice, mice, rats, etc. If your home or facility has an infestation of any sort, please cancel and reschedule with us when your home or facility has been treated and cleared by a professional extermination service.


Credit/Debit/Invoice Fee

Payment is due at the time of service. Commercial clients with established relationships can be invoiced. Acceptable payments include checks, cash, direct deposits, or pre-arranged credit/debit card payments. Invoices are subject to a 3% convenience fee.


Slip & Trip Hazards

Please be careful not to slip when walking from recently cleaned carpet or rugs to hard surfaces. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from slip hazards. You understand we will have several hoses, both large and small, running throughout your home or facility during the cleaning service. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from our hoses, equipment, or misplaced furniture being in a walkway.


Moving Furniture

The carpet beneath stationary furniture is usually clean with the exception of vacuuming. If you would like medium to large furniture moved (up to 50lbs) we do use clear plastic furniture tabs to protect your furniture and carpet. We do not move heavy furniture (100 lbs+), this would include but not be limited to full dressers, china cabinets, hutches, large beds, and large sofas. If you elect to move your furniture, please do so prior to our arrival. Though we take every precaution to safely move your furniture, we are not responsible for damages that might result from moving furniture, whether to your furniture or your home or facility. We also do not move furniture that is used to hold or house electronics such as televisions, radios, computers, telephones, lamps, etc. Please have electronics moved from these types of furniture prior to our arrival if you would like them moved.

Pet Odors & House Pets

Pet urine is an issue of the carpet, pad, and subfloor. Cleaning the carpets’ surface will not remove pet odors that have penetrated through the carpet backing. We typically do not guarantee complete odor or stain removal results. We will be running equipment in your home, which requires entering and exiting during service. Please place your pet(s) in a crate, bathroom, or safe location where they will not escape out of the open door. We are not responsible for lost pets or their whereabouts during the service.


Traffic Lanes & Black Sole Shoe Stains

Traffic lanes occur for several reasons: fabric wear, black sole shoe stains, asphalt, pH staining, embedded soils. We can not guarantee complete traffic lane soil removal but do our best to leave the carpet looking the best we possibly can.


Dry Time

There are several contributing factors that affect dry time: level of moisture, level of humidity, air movement, and thickness of carpet. Dirtier carpet requires increased water usage, which adds to dry time. The average dry time is 6-8 hours.


Spots & Stains

During our pre-inspection, please be sure to point out all spots and stains that are concerning you. We recommend letting us clean your carpet first to see if the spot(s) comes up with the cleaning. Any spot that remains after cleaning is considered a stain. Stain removal is charged separately, and be advised some stains can be permanent.


Permanent Stains

We cannot fully remove some paint stains, varnish, black shoe sole stains, filtration stains along the baseboards, dyes, inks, some rust, burn stains, or any substance that is known to cause permanent staining. If we do attempt to remove such stains, we do not guarantee complete removal or satisfaction.



Carpet cleaning excludes hair removal. We make no guarantee to remove pet or human hair from your carpet. Hair can act like Velcro to the carpet and recommend excessive vacuuming after the cleaning.


Dark Lines at the Baseboard

Filtration stains are dark lines around the parameter of your carpet at the baseboard. These are caused by air filtering into the walls at the baseboard typically from gas heat, candles, and gas appliances. These stains consist of fine particles that embed themselves into the carpet fiber. Attempting to remove filtration stains results in an insignificant change; therefore, we do not offer filtration stain removal.


Wicking (Reappearing Spots)

Oil-based carpet can wick, or re-evaporate spots to the surface as the carpet dries. We will do all possible to remove such satins at the time of cleaning and are not responsible for spots and stains caused by heavy substances that penetrate through to carpet backing that might return (wick) during the drying process.


Normal Wear and Tear

While we take every precaution to care for your home, we are not responsible for normal wear and tear such as minor scratches, dents, and scuffs that might result from service. We do use corner guards to help prevent excessive wear on corners where deemed necessary.

Personal Items & Items of Value

Prior to our arrival, please have your personal items as well as items of value appropriately stored away.


Personal Property

Please have small furniture and personal items such as magazines, clothing, kid’s toys, shoes, etc., off the floor unless you do not want the carpet cleaned beneath such items.

Carpet Cleaning Results

Prochem Steam Carpet Cleaning does not guarantee to remove all soils, spots, and stains from your carpet. But we make every effort to provide the best cleaning experience possible.

  • Do not place wood or metal furniture on damp carpet, stain-bleed or rust can occur. If pets are in the home, you may still recover hair when post-vacuuming even after carpets are professionally cleaned. Pet hair lodges between primary and secondary backings. Cleaning may reveal loose or improperly installed carpets revealing ripple or bubbles. Rest assured it is not a result of the cleaning and will usually lay flat after several days. As the adhesive dries, the weaving and backing of the carpet will return to their normal state and lay flat again. We are not responsible for difficult stains, carpet wrinkles, or filtration soil. Some pet odors or common stains can be permanent, still, we will do our best to achieve customer satisfaction.


Vacant or Unchaperoned Homes or Facilities

As owner, landlord, tenant, or agent of the owner, landlord, or tenant, you release Prochem Bahamas from service complaints or all claims of damage to your home or facility when you agree to allow our employees to be in your home or facility without your presence. We will take every step possible to care for your property and ensure safety for yourself and our cleaning crew.

General Waiver and Disclaimer for all items to be cleaned

I acknowledge that I have read the waiver and disclaimer agree to the said waivers, and disclaimers and agree not to hold Prochem Bahamas liable. I hereby authorize Prochem Bahamas Technicians to proceed with the prescribed treatments.

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