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Commercial Carpet Cleaning


We understand the importance of office aesthetics. Prochem commercial carpet cleaning systems are designed to dry in 1 to 2 hours allowing businesses to get back to work quickly and maintain a fresh, clean, appearance. 


This is an inexpensive, convenient, "quick-dry" carpet cleaning method referred to as  "encapsulation". It is a low moisture carpet cleaning solution with a 1 to 2-hour dry time, specially designed for commercial applications when time constraints are critical.


To clean your carpets, firstly, we thoroughly vacuum them and address any stains. For the main cleaning step, carpeting is treated with an encapsulation crystallization polymer that surrounds the soil. Upon drying soil crystallizes and is held in suspension.


Encapsulated soil is unable to attach to fibers and is extracted from carpet fibers through normal vacuuming. The more frequently the carpet is vacuumed the longer it stays clean. Carpeting also resists re-soiling so the carpet stays cleaner even longer.

  • no harmful chemicals are used - examine our cleaners if you wish

  • our cleaners have no fumes or unpleasant odors

  • mechanical agitation of the carpet cleans fibers & removes visible surface dirt

  • low moisture dries fast and eliminates the risk of mold growth 

  • low moisture means the carpet may be returned to use in 2 hours

  • If needed we could also quick-dry your carpeting in 30 minutes

  • low moisture will not cause carpet buckles or wrinkles

  • encapsulating cleaners leave no sticky residue behind

  • we always deodorize free

The cleaning solutions encapsulation polymer simultaneously replaces carpet protectants used by the manufacturer and helps to prevent re-soiling. This is a simple, inert, and harmless compound that will crystallize and surround any remaining soil residue as the cleaner dries on carpeting or rugs readying them for extraction by vacuuming.


Crystallization is completely non-sticky, dry, and brittle. You won't see it, or feel it, and it's easily removed by a normal vacuum cleaner. In this way, future vacuuming is much more productive by stopping new soils from attaching to carpeting and making them easily removable by routine vacuuming.


The encapsulation cleaning process is a highly effective boost to the soil removal process. Carpeting and rugs will not have the sticky residue on them left behind by "shampooing" to attract more dirt and prevents the well-known phenomenon where a carpet "gets dirty faster after it's been cleaned".

Prochem Bahamas offers commercial specialized carpet cleaning and drying technology that dry carpeting in as little as.....30 minutes!

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