Mattress Cleaning And Protection

Studies show that mattresses and sheets can be breeding grounds for bacteria, bugs and other harmful pathogens.


Just moving into that new apartment, condo or house? How clean are the mattresses?


You wash your sheets, but when was the last time you cleaned and sanitized your mattress?


The patented PROCHEM® steam extraction cleaning system is perfect for your mattress because we do not use harmful chemicals or cleaning agents for killing bacteria and dust mites colonies which actually live and breed in  all mattress's.


Our anti-microbial protectant destroys bacteria left behind from perspiration, bodily fluids, and organic substances, helping to keep your mattress a safe sleeping environment.


House dust mites (HDM) can cause allergic rhinitis (hay fever), asthma, eczema and affect other associated diseases. They have also been linked with conjunctivitis, urticaria, dermatitisanaphylaxis, hypersensitive pneumonia, angioedema, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, allergic and migraine headache, and certain gut disorders in which IgE is involved.


Allergy testing is always recommended to confirm a clinical diagnosis of health problems caused by mite colony exposure.


Sleep Free of Bacteria and Bugs
- You might be surprised at what may lie beneath your sheets!


Our Anti-microbial Treatment Provides Long-Term Protection 
- This proprietary protectant will protect you for months.


A More Hygienic Sleeping Environment Promotes Good Health
- Nearly 1/3 of your life is spent on your mattress!

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