Tile & Grout

Restorative Cleaning Services

Are your bare feet or stockings getting soiled even after you've mopped your tiles multiple times?


Has your tiled flooring grout seemed to have lost it's color or looks dingy?



Mopping tiled floor surfaces with traditional cleaning products do remove most surface soils and oils. However, overtime residues from these cleaning products cause an oily soil buildup to adhere to tile surfaces, patterns, and grout which actually becomes impossible to be removed by routine cleaning methods.  


STONETECH PROFESSIONAL® tile and grout powerful cleaning and restoration system renews soiled tiles and grout to a like new appearance using controlled Ph solutions combined with high-pressure hot water steam extraction, restoring tile surfaces and grout making your tile floors look new again.....GUARANTEED!


Should you have pets in your home or suffered a sewage or other contaminated water loss, ask about our anti-microbial treatment to restore your tiles to a safe bacteria-free condition.

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