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Ceramic And Porcelain

Restorative Tile & Grout Cleaning 

If your bare feet or socks are getting soiled just walking on your tiles even after you've mopped multiple times, your tiles are in need of restorative cleaning.












Have your tiles and grout lost their color or look dingy?


Mopping tiled floor surfaces with traditional cleaning products do remove most surface soils and oils. However, over time, residues from household cleaning products cause a thin layer of soil to buildup and adhere to tile surfaces and grout lines. 













Prochem Bahamas restorative tile and grout cleaning systems restore soiled tiles and grout to a like-new appearance. This process totally restores tile surfaces and grout, making tile floors look new again.....GUARANTEED!

tile after sandyport.jpeg
Tile cleaning3 .jpeg
Tile cleaning restored2 .jpeg
tile before sandyport1 .jpeg
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