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Cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fabrics are each unique. They each have different pH cleaning solution tolerances and require preconditioning chemical combinations prior to the extraction cleaning process.

While others run from white-colored fabrics, our restorative steam extraction cleaning systems use a variety of biodegradable soil-digesting enzymic pretreatment solutions to safely clean any particular fabric. Regardless of the type of fabric or color, Prochem Bahamas' restorative fabric cleaning systems will make your fabrics look their absolute best again.

The extraction process removes suspended soil, body oils, stains, and dust mites while leaving zero soil attracting chemical residues behind. Body and pet odors are simultaneously eliminated instead of simply being masked with shampoos and deodorizers! Prochem Bahamas resolve issues, not just hide them in perfume and soil-attracting soaps.


Furniture, fabrics, upholstery, and especially mattresses are a breeding ground for microbes and dust mites which cause allergies, sickness, and offensive odors.





PROCHEM™ fabric cleaning systems is the world-renown leader in upholstery and fabric care technology.

Our powerful truck-mounted steam extraction system removes a wide range of germs and bacteria, greatly reducing dust mite populations to acceptable levels.
















Suspended soil and contaminates are extracted into our truck-mounted waste task for safe disposal, leaving very little moisture in fabrics that dries quickly and without any residue.

















fabrics are restored to like-new conditions even if they have been neglected for years!


Fabric manufacturers recommend annual steam extraction cleaning. The process results in the look and feel of new, clean, residue-free upholstery.




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