Our expert cleaning systems use a variety of non-toxic soil digesting enzymes and surfactant pretreatment cleaning agents to clean upholstery that is safe for the particular fabric, leaving zero soil attracting chemical residues behind and eliminates body odors instead of masking them with deodorizers!


Furniture, fabrics, and upholstery are a breeding ground for harmful microbes and dust mites which can cause allergies, sickness, and offensive odors. PROCHEM™ fabric cleaning system is the world-renown leader in upholstery and fabric care.


Our powerful truck-mounted steam extraction system removes a wide range of germs and bacteria and greatly reduces dust mite population to acceptable levels. The emulsified dirt is then steam extracted into our truck-mounted waste task and safely disposed of, leaving just the extraction water in fabrics which dries quickly and without any residue. Thereby restoring the appearance of your furniture to like-new conditions even if they have been neglected for years!


Fabric manufacturers recommended steam extraction cleaning process results in the look and feel of clean, residue-free upholstery.


Natural fiber, Cotton, Linen, wool, and synthetic's are unique in their own way and require knowledgeable technicians to choose the correct cleaning chemical solutions combinations before the cleaning process begins.


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